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In your quest to find electronic cigarettes you will also need to consider the type of batteries that are being used

A wide choice of e-cig Batteries are available from our top recommended Canadian e cigarette suppliers: 

  • Rechargeable e-Cig Battery: 510 thread 3-5v

  • Ego batteries: lasts up to 3 hours

  • Evod Batteries: capacity 650mAh, 14mm

  • K2 disposable Batts: between 200-300 puffs

  • Jewel tip Batteries: same size as a traditional cigarette

  • 808D battery: these batteries can be charged up to 350 times

  • Variable Voltage Batteries: recharges in less than 3 hours

  • Joyetech Vaporizer Batteries: Variable volts ranges between 3.6V~4.9V

  • Manual Batteries: operated by pressing the button on the side, also includes short-circuit protection 

  • Automatic Batteries: No buttons to push, operates when user takes a puff

  • Long Batteries: The longer the battery the longer the life - Super long life Li-Ion battery

  • Short batteries: The convenience of a longer lasting battery in a portable size 

  • Regular size batteries: Most popular batteries in the industry, simulates a traditional cigarette

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1. Manual battery

As this kind of battery is sealed completely it’s recommended if e-liquid, blank cartomizers and tanks are being used.  To activate this kind of battery, a small button that is located on its side is pressed. Since the cartomizer is quickly warmed up, vapour is immediately produced with no primer puffs. You get to have a little more control if using the manual battery when vaping. 

2. Automatic battery

This battery has a switch that is pressure-sensitive which is activated when one inhales. As it works similarly to a traditional cigarette, it is awesome for the beginners since you just attach the cartomizer and puff away. The draw that is unsealed with airholes that are small in size is somewhat tight. The cartomizer needs some warming up occassionaly by a couple of primer puffs.    
The different battery sizes

a. Regular 

A traditional 120 cigarette is the approximate length of a regular battery that has a cartomizer. A regular battery normally lasts for about 3-5 hours before its recharged; this depends on how it’s used. This is the popular size since it feels good when held.

b. Long

This battery lasts longer than all the others. As it is said, the bigger the better as this measures about 5.5 inches. Has a cartomizer and lasts for 8 hours before it needs a recharge.

c. Short

A portable, short and convenient battery, it lasts for close to 3 hours before it must be recharged. Has a cartomizer as well that has a length of the traditional cigarette.   

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