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The first ever vape expo was held in Winnipeg Sunday, July 20/2014 as feature in the Winnipeg City and Press

CTVnews ran an interesting story on the debate over whether or not electronic cigarettes can help people kick the habit

The Ottawa Citizen published a report on March 15th indicating that Health Canada is finally taking steps to get a handle on the booming market for electronic cigarettes in Canada

In recent news suggests that Consumers want electronic cigarettes  to be evaluated further before taking further regulatory action

In a story released by CBC News, New Bruswick reports indicate that the New Brunswick Lung Association is advising smokers not to use electronic cigarettes until further research is conducted

Times colonist reports on another cease and desist letter from Health Canada that was sent to an electronic cigarette retailer in Saanich, British Columbia

The Winnipeg Free Press released an article about how Manitoba's chief public health officer is concerned about the trend toward using e cigs within the province

According to this story Health Canada has issued a cease and desist letter to an e cig retailer in Nova Scotia for violating the Food and Drug Act

CBC News published a story about Nova Scotia's Health Minister bringing in new regulations governing the sale and distribution of electronic cigarettes in the province

An editorial on CTV News questions the safety of electronic cigarettes and consults with Dr. Milan who runs the Smoking Cessation Clinic at Vancouver General Hospital

A report By Kelly Roch from the Ottawa Sun published in the makes a bold statement claiming that electronic cigarettes don't help people quit

CBC publishes an article by: Dr. Brian Goldman entitled "No Smoke... and Mirrors" in this article he directs the reader to an editorial published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal which contradicts Dr. Goldman's claims

A report in the Globe And Mail explains the reasons why doctors are raising the alarm over electronic cigarettes and points to a Canadian Medical Journal editorial which warns that electronic cigarettes may be a “slippery slope to tobacco addiction" published an article detailing Health Canada's stance on the use of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine

The Canadian Lung Association warns consumers to not be fooled by electronic cigarettes cigarettes!

Armina Ligaya, an Author for The Financial Post reports that electronic cigarettes have become a wild west industry in Canada

Electronic cigarette business in Nova Scotia, Canada does over $500,000 in sales in 4 months and continues to grow at an exponential rate

CST Brands strikes deal with Victory Ecigs which will bring their electronic cigarettes to its Depanneur du Coin and Corner Stores in eastern Canada

Dr. James Aw reported in the "National Post" that electronic cigarettes may be a public health hazard waiting to happen among our youth and those with nicotine dependencies.

The Canadian Cancer Society weighs in on the debate as to whether or not the ingredients found in electronic cigarettes pose any risk of cancer or any other serious health risks. read the full story here

Jesse Kline (writer for the National Post)voices his opinions in regard to the Health Canada ban on electronic cigarettes containing nicotine, and he urges the Government to end Canada's ban once and for all.

Smokers in Canada want the government to lift the ban on e cigarettes, siting that e cigs are are a healthier alternative to the harmful effects caused by traditional cigarettes...Read the full story

Big tobacco companies jump into the electronic cigarette industry and begin selling them in convenience stores and gas stations across Canada and Bradley Doucet report on Canada's Ban on Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes...

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