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Health Canada decided to ban an alternative to traditional smoking but they still permit the sale all of tobacco cigarettes to the public – this move is somehow irrelevant to the society and they need to take a closer look at it this time. 

Everyone knows that E-cigarettes or e-cigs do not emit smoke, do not contain tobacco and all other toxins contained in regular cigarettes. In addition to that, e-cigs are not that expensive as opposed to regular cigarettes as a single cartridge is tantamount to a single pack of cigarettes. Moreover, e-cigs are quite popular because more and more smokers are thinking about quitting and this is the best alternative to smoking. 

Despite the fact that more and more Canadians are using e-cigarettes, not to mention the shares in the tobacco market, and Health Canada continues to discourage the purchase as well as the use of electronically fuelled cigarettes. They say that these e-cigs are yet to be fully evaluated as far as safety, efficiency and quality are concerned.
Some e-cigs that are found to contain some amount of nicotine are currently restricted in Canada following the Australian standpoint of nicotine containing e-cigs. 

The standpoint of Canada is somehow illogical not to mention out of place because of the current laws they have. The question that circles the minds of many is why do authorities ban some health alternative that can help people quit smoking? 

A study back in 2011 showed that 79 out of 100 smokers were willing to giveaway smoking cigarettes in exchange for the use of e-cigs. As far as public health is concerned, this is a great stat for a country that consumes millions of cigarettes a year.
Moreover, Canada’s vision of stopping the legacy of smoking has taken a huge blow when they banned the use of e-cigs. One good thing about their project is that both types of cigarettes – regular and the electronic one – can only be bought upon presentation of a document that certifies a person that he is over the age of 18.
Why do authorities contradict the idea of replacing and reducing the consumption of regular cigarettes through the use of e-cigs? Another study conducted in 2011 showed how much money the Canadian government made on the sale of tobacco – more than $7.5 million. This figure is quite startling to say the least; and guess what, it’s rising each year. This is due to the high tax on cigarettes in the Canadian area. 

If the government intends to move forward in terms of health improvement without losing economically, they should permit the sale of e-cigarettes with nicotine, and they could even impose similar taxes on them such as those imposed on regular cigarettes. 

Thinking about their comments and by-laws, if they truly want to improve public health while preserving the economic benefits from tobacco, they should permit nicotine containing e-cigs. 

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