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The working of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have found wide acceptance amongst smokers all over the world. With less toxic effects than traditional ones, they do not face public ban and hence has emerged as a viable option for people who cannot do without their smoke. The working principle of the e-cigs is quite easy and that adds to their popularity also.

The look of electronic cigarettes

How Electronic Cigarettes Work

How Electronic Cigarettes Work
Most e-cigs look like traditional cigarettes although there are a few that take on a different look and style. You will find some that look like a box or a pipe. The common components of an electronic cigarette are the battery, atomizer, cartomizer and/or cartridge.. 

How electronic cigarettes work

The electronic cigarette is also known as a vaporizer as it usually produces a vapour which is inhaled to generate the feeling of smoking or vaping. 

  • Battery - The battery is an integral part of an e-cig as it provides power to the apparatus. The battery needs to be charged and it enables the smoker to enjoy frequent smoking for several hours. Batteries come in two types – manual and electronic. Manual batteries need to be pushed when smoking. Experienced smokers prefer to use manual batteries as they can smoke frequently.The automatic batteries get activated upon inhalation. They are easy to use but not suitable for taking longer puffs.

  • Cartridge - The cartridge contains a porous material that absorbs the liquid. You have to put the liquid in the cartridge so that it is completely soaked. 

  • Atomizer - Next comes the atomizer which is another vital component. In most models the cartridge needs to be fixed to the atomizer. The battery is fixed at the other end. When the battery is activated it heats up the atomizer which in turn produces the vapour from the eliquid present in the cartridge.

  • Cartomizer - A cartomizer is a combination of an cartridge and an atomizer built into one device and usually come prefilled with the appropriate amount and concentration of nicotine or non-nicotine liquid eliminating the need to add the juice yourself.

  • eliquid – the eliquid is actually the juice that contains the flavor and nicotine. The level of nicotine varies for giving more pleasure. Some ejuices come in exotic flavors like Dunhill or cigars and even fruity ones. The ejuice makes vaping fun.

The electronic cigarette is a fantastic device that makes smoking fun and less injurious to health as you do not inhale the multitude of toxins that are found in regular cigarettes . It is essential to check different brands and buy the one that suits your requirement. Initially you can go for automatic batteries and later on move towards a manual one. It is also important to clean the different parts carefully to make the device last long.