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Are electronic cigarettes legal or illegal in Canada?

by on 11/19/13

Healt Canada Advisory
One of the most brilliant and cutting-edge inventions to have hit the market with a positive impact in the 21st century has been electronic cigarettes. While the information about these devices readily available to users and non-users alike, there are still many unanswered questions such as; Are electronic cigarettes safe? Can they be used as medicine? Are they regulated? are they even legal?
When it comes to obtaining information on electronic cigarette regulations in Canada that's clear, concise, and accurate with examples from the law itself, has not been a simple task in the last few years. Media presentations, the government, and the vapours themselves don't even posses a clear understanding of this confusing topic. But unfortunately, there are other powerful interests at hand who want things to be kept under wraps without question. They don't want the public to ask questions about electronic cigarettes that can be educational and enlightening, especially since they are an effective alternative to tobacco smoking.
With so much misinformation from "official" sources, the skewing of misinformation and doubtful opinions on electronic cigarettes, isn't it time that we demand accurate information?
What we need are more answers, and no more opinions. This website has been created to answer the questions such as; what does the law really say about electronic cigarettes? What about nicotine? This website will provide the answers to these questions as well as proof that these answers are correct. From testing, to standards of manufacturing, packaging, labeling, restrictions of age, legalities, and more...we will cover it all.
People are passionate about electronic cigarettes because they have the power to change lives in a positive way. But credible advocating can only come from a credible industry. Somebody of authority needs to step forward and finally put this debate to rest... are electronic cigarettes legal or illegal in Canada?... because as of this writing it is no problem to obtain electronic cigarettes in Canada with or without nicotine from a multitude of businesses online and/or offline.
Regardless of what warnings and/or advisories that Health Canada has issued, the fact remains that the sale of electronic cigarettes, ejuices and accessories is flourishing here in Canada!