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E-cigarette Risks Are Unknown

by CanadaEcigs.ca on 01/12/14

New bBrunswick Lung Association

Early in the week the owner of a Frederiction Store explained to the CBC News he now has a rapidly growing clientele including over two thousand clients both locally and shoppers on the internet who wish to purchase his electronic cigarette kits. However the CEO and President Barb MacKinnon of the lung association highlights the fact that the benefits and health risks of breathing in volatile liquids from the electronic devices still need to be studied thoroughly and fully tested. MacKinnon clarifies that the health effects are still unknown and it has not been completely proved to even help people quit smoking. Mackinnon also goes on to admit that she has heard anecdotally that people have indeed cut down on the amount of smoking they participate in by using the electronic devices. She conveys that not all electronic cigarettes are the same. Some of the devices contain nicotine with some having high dosages and some having low dosages.

Health Canada certainly has not authorized electronic cigarettes which contain nicotine or have health claims. However proponents argue that the electronic devices are a lot healthier and do not cause as much damage as traditional ordinary cigarettes. MacKinnon makes it clear that she is not convinced whatsoever by indicating that electronic cigarettes have various different chemicals in them and some chemicals are in fact carcinogens. She hopes that thorough research will be completed soon and also feels that electronic cigarettes should also be added to the ban of smoking in public areas.

Health Canada has now demanded that the owner of East Coast Vape, Ryanne Pineda, to stop the sales of electronic cigarettes and also the flavoured vaporizing liquid which delivers nicotine to smokers as a vapour. Pineda is determined to fight the order of Health Canada and is adamant he is doing nothing illegal.