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Electronic cigarette retailer odered to cease sales by Health Canada

by CanadaEcigs.ca on 12/06/13

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CBC news have recently been informed that health Canada has issued both a cease and a desist letter to a well known electronic cigarette seller situated in Nova Scotia due to the violation of the Food And Drugs Act. Shai Connors is the women in charge who runs 'The End Vapor' store in the area of New Glasgow. She has been making profit from selling electronic cigarettes since August this year. These battery-operated gadgets actually deliver nicotine in the form of vapor. This is apparently much healthier than smoking according to proponents.

E-cigarettes are actually not approved by Health Canada. Due to this the federal agency has claimed that Connors' shop is therefore "not compliant" with Canada's Food And Drugs Act. In the letter to Eva Campbell and Connors, Health Canada highlighted that electronic smoking devices may pose risks which include causing addiction and nicotine poisoning. Connors replied by insisting that selling electronic cigarettes is not illegal as there are no laws which state that they can not be sold. It is true that E-cigarettes indeed are not illegal as they are not covered by Nova Scotia's ban on smoking. However Leo Glavine who is the provincial health minister promised to move very quickly to introduce regulations for these electronic devices. He believes that regulations could be introduced by Spring.

Mohammed Al-Hamdani who is the manager of 'Lung Association' and 'Health Initiatives' in Nova Scotia claims that the actual concept of vaping has become a concern. He feels that some people may not be able to even differentiate between electronic cigarettes and the real ones. This is a huge concern as children will likely not be able to notice any difference whatsoever. He also emphasizes that the alternative cigarettes should not be banned, however there should me a lot more regulations put in place.