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Health Canada issues another cease and desist letter

by on 12/23/13

Saanich BC business owner

John Overall an electronic cigarette retail business owner in Sannich BC is now fighting Health Canada as he received a "cease and desist" letter from them which clearly stated that selling nicotine e-juice in his electronic-cigarette shop is a serious violation of Canada's Food and Drugs Act. The owner of the store named Northern Vapers located in Quadra Street mentioned that the federal agency had only introduced an advisory on the electronic devices. Although Health Canada has not approved the devices, at the present date there are indeed no laws regulating or banning them whatsoever.

The letter sent by Health Canada clarified that Nicotine is certainly an extremely addictive substance and is of course toxic. The modern day electronic smoking products can potentially pose risks including addiction and also nicotine poisoning. The agency has emphasized that the product is frankly being sold and marketed as a drug.

Overall claims his products are not marketed as health products or drugs. He notes that the act does have an exemption for the highly addictive nicotine. He explains how it is fine if the nicotine administered orally through an inhalation device which delivers a maximum of 4 mg of nicotine for every dosage. Overall was adamant that one dosage from an electronic cigarette simply cannot produce this level of nicotine.

His store was opened six months ago following his business selling e-cigarettes online over the internet. He was a heavy smoker for around 30 years and quit just after he tried his first ever electronic cigarette about two years ago. There is no law to sell the devices to minors, however Overall chooses not to sell the electronic cigarettes to them.

In the U.S.A the billion-dollar industry has actually tripled this past year and they are much more common among high school and middle school students. This has been recorded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Well known chief health officer Dr. Richard Stanwick has conveyed that the increasing popularity of these devices is a huge concern. This is because it could encourage young adolescents to smoke, however on the other hand it helps long term smokers quit. Stanwick agreed that electronic cigarettes are not on par with smoking tobacco, however nicotine is very addictive and very toxic. He also highlighted that a simple dose of nicotine absorbed through the skin or ingested is fatal at sixty milligrams for an adult and just ten milligrams for a child.

The European Union has already warned that some of the electronic cigarette products need more regulation and much more health warnings. It seems as though Novia Scotia are moving very quickly to introduce regulations and in New York the mayor seeks a ban. A man named Cort Smith currently operates his online business Rare Air Cigs which sells electronic cigarettes from Victoria, however his store does not sell any nicotine e-juice.

He has not received any warnings from Health Canada like how John Overall did, however he has made it clear that if he receives any warnings he will certainly dispute anything Health Canada has to say until there is such a time where the products have been regulated.