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How To Choose The Best Electronic Cigarette

by on 01/20/14

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The rapid increase in sales of modern electronic cigarettes in the Canada has certainly been nothing far of phenomenal since they were introduced to society around the year 2005. It is a well known fact that with any sort of maturing market, different brands become more competitive and all claim to be the best. With electronic cigarettes becoming more popular in recent years it is crucial that you are not scammed and choosing a legitimate brand has become much more important. So you may want to know how to choose the very best electronic cigarette?

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) have estimated that there are now currently just over three million electronic cigarette smokers solely in the Canada and USA. It has also been projected that the usage of electronic cigarettes will quadruple at least by the end of the year 2014.This growth will certainly increase consumers concerns over the quality of the electronic devices. This is due to the competitive market and people will understandably be looking at the most obvious and clear pointers to choosing the very best electronic cigarette available in the marketplace. It is fair to say that deciding on which brand of electronic cigarettes to buy will certainly come down to reliability and taste.


As with ordinary tobacco cigarettes the taste is the main attraction to the cigarettes. It is a matter of personal opinion on which taste you like the best. The taste of electronic cigarettes can never possibly reproduce the exact same taste as a traditional cigarette. This is fortunate as they do not contain tobacco, tar and other chemicals which make up their ordinary traditional counterpart. Due to this it is thought that the electronic versions are healthier than normal cigarettes, therefore they are used to help people quit smoking.

However while some of the electronic cigarette suppliers these days are actually content to use generic nicotine blends, the best electronic cigarette suppliers in Canada invest a considerable amount of time and also money to get the perfect blend; a blend which smokers appreciate and recognize. This is crucial because very few smokers will switch to the electronic devices if they can't link the taste of them to the traditional tobacco cigarettes.


The very best electronic cigarette will use the latest and most effective available technology to guarantee that their users are consuming a reliable alternative to ordinary smoking. All of the electronic cigarettes one the market use a battery.The life of the battery does in fact affect the experience of smoking in two ways. The life of the battery will ultimately determine how regularly it must be replaced. Along with this it is important to consider the time between re-charging as if the time is longer then the user will be able to smoke more. The best electronic cigarette in Canada will allow for just over three hundred proper genuine re-charges without any degradation. The device will be encased in a strong rubber material to protect it against damage from falling. It should be able to handle around four hundred 'puffs' before needing to be charged.

Just like their regular tobacco equivalents it is true that not all of the available electronic cigarettes are completely the same. Finding a good tasting electronic cigarette which has reliable technology is certainly a perfect indication that you have found the very best electronic cigarette.