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How To Choose The Best Electronic Cigarette

by on 01/20/14

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The rapid increase in sales of modern electronic cigarettes in the Canada has certainly been nothing far of phenomenal since they were introduced to society around the year 2005. It is a well known fact that with any sort of maturing market, different brands become more competitive and all claim to be the best. With electronic cigarettes becoming more popular in recent years it is crucial that you are not scammed and choosing a legitimate brand has become much more important. So you may want to know how to choose the very best electronic cigarette?

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) have estimated that there are now currently just over three million electronic cigarette smokers solely in the Canada and USA. It has also been projected that the usage of electronic cigarettes will quadruple at least by the end of the year 2014.This growth will certainly increase consumers concerns over the quality of the electronic devices. This is due to the competitive market and people will understandably be looking at the most obvious and clear pointers to choosing the very best electronic cigarette available in the marketplace. It is fair to say that deciding on which brand of electronic cigarettes to buy will certainly come down to reliability and taste.


As with ordinary tobacco cigarettes the taste is the main attraction to the cigarettes. It is a matter of personal opinion on which taste you like the best. The taste of electronic cigarettes can never possibly reproduce the exact same taste as a traditional cigarette. This is fortunate as they do not contain tobacco, tar and other chemicals which make up their ordinary traditional counterpart. Due to this it is thought that the electronic versions are healthier than normal cigarettes, therefore they are used to help people quit smoking.

However while some of the electronic cigarette suppliers these days are actually content to use generic nicotine blends, the best electronic cigarette suppliers in Canada invest a considerable amount of time and also money to get the perfect blend; a blend which smokers appreciate and recognize. This is crucial because very few smokers will switch to the electronic devices if they can't link the taste of them to the traditional tobacco cigarettes.


The very best electronic cigarette will use the latest and most effective available technology to guarantee that their users are consuming a reliable alternative to ordinary smoking. All of the electronic cigarettes one the market use a battery.The life of the battery does in fact affect the experience of smoking in two ways. The life of the battery will ultimately determine how regularly it must be replaced. Along with this it is important to consider the time between re-charging as if the time is longer then the user will be able to smoke more. The best electronic cigarette in Canada will allow for just over three hundred proper genuine re-charges without any degradation. The device will be encased in a strong rubber material to protect it against damage from falling. It should be able to handle around four hundred 'puffs' before needing to be charged.

Just like their regular tobacco equivalents it is true that not all of the available electronic cigarettes are completely the same. Finding a good tasting electronic cigarette which has reliable technology is certainly a perfect indication that you have found the very best electronic cigarette.

E-cigarette Risks Are Unknown

by on 01/12/14

New bBrunswick Lung Association

Early in the week the owner of a Frederiction Store explained to the CBC News he now has a rapidly growing clientele including over two thousand clients both locally and shoppers on the internet who wish to purchase his electronic cigarette kits. However the CEO and President Barb MacKinnon of the lung association highlights the fact that the benefits and health risks of breathing in volatile liquids from the electronic devices still need to be studied thoroughly and fully tested. MacKinnon clarifies that the health effects are still unknown and it has not been completely proved to even help people quit smoking. Mackinnon also goes on to admit that she has heard anecdotally that people have indeed cut down on the amount of smoking they participate in by using the electronic devices. She conveys that not all electronic cigarettes are the same. Some of the devices contain nicotine with some having high dosages and some having low dosages.

Health Canada certainly has not authorized electronic cigarettes which contain nicotine or have health claims. However proponents argue that the electronic devices are a lot healthier and do not cause as much damage as traditional ordinary cigarettes. MacKinnon makes it clear that she is not convinced whatsoever by indicating that electronic cigarettes have various different chemicals in them and some chemicals are in fact carcinogens. She hopes that thorough research will be completed soon and also feels that electronic cigarettes should also be added to the ban of smoking in public areas.

Health Canada has now demanded that the owner of East Coast Vape, Ryanne Pineda, to stop the sales of electronic cigarettes and also the flavoured vaporizing liquid which delivers nicotine to smokers as a vapour. Pineda is determined to fight the order of Health Canada and is adamant he is doing nothing illegal.

Health Canada issues another cease and desist letter

by on 12/23/13

Saanich BC business owner

John Overall an electronic cigarette retail business owner in Sannich BC is now fighting Health Canada as he received a "cease and desist" letter from them which clearly stated that selling nicotine e-juice in his electronic-cigarette shop is a serious violation of Canada's Food and Drugs Act. The owner of the store named Northern Vapers located in Quadra Street mentioned that the federal agency had only introduced an advisory on the electronic devices. Although Health Canada has not approved the devices, at the present date there are indeed no laws regulating or banning them whatsoever.

The letter sent by Health Canada clarified that Nicotine is certainly an extremely addictive substance and is of course toxic. The modern day electronic smoking products can potentially pose risks including addiction and also nicotine poisoning. The agency has emphasized that the product is frankly being sold and marketed as a drug.

Overall claims his products are not marketed as health products or drugs. He notes that the act does have an exemption for the highly addictive nicotine. He explains how it is fine if the nicotine administered orally through an inhalation device which delivers a maximum of 4 mg of nicotine for every dosage. Overall was adamant that one dosage from an electronic cigarette simply cannot produce this level of nicotine.

His store was opened six months ago following his business selling e-cigarettes online over the internet. He was a heavy smoker for around 30 years and quit just after he tried his first ever electronic cigarette about two years ago. There is no law to sell the devices to minors, however Overall chooses not to sell the electronic cigarettes to them.

In the U.S.A the billion-dollar industry has actually tripled this past year and they are much more common among high school and middle school students. This has been recorded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Well known chief health officer Dr. Richard Stanwick has conveyed that the increasing popularity of these devices is a huge concern. This is because it could encourage young adolescents to smoke, however on the other hand it helps long term smokers quit. Stanwick agreed that electronic cigarettes are not on par with smoking tobacco, however nicotine is very addictive and very toxic. He also highlighted that a simple dose of nicotine absorbed through the skin or ingested is fatal at sixty milligrams for an adult and just ten milligrams for a child.

The European Union has already warned that some of the electronic cigarette products need more regulation and much more health warnings. It seems as though Novia Scotia are moving very quickly to introduce regulations and in New York the mayor seeks a ban. A man named Cort Smith currently operates his online business Rare Air Cigs which sells electronic cigarettes from Victoria, however his store does not sell any nicotine e-juice.

He has not received any warnings from Health Canada like how John Overall did, however he has made it clear that if he receives any warnings he will certainly dispute anything Health Canada has to say until there is such a time where the products have been regulated.

The trend toward using electronic cigarettes has health officials worried

by on 12/10/13

Dr. Michael Routledge

The province of Manitoba's chief health officer is worried by the potential rapid increase of e-cigarettes. Dr. Michael Routledge has claimed that this subject has also recently been raised at the national meetings of all health officials. The main and greatest concern is the fact that this new popularization of the electronic devices can consequently cause the act of smoking seem like a very cool and sociable activity once again which would produce a new generation of full time smokers. While Routledge was interviewed he highlighted the fact that tobacco was indeed normalized in the society we live in for a very long time. He emphasized how there are devastating impacts on health due to smoking and how we are still tackling these health problems today. Routledge made it no secret that he is deeply concerned particularly about the recent marketing of new flavored e-cigarettes which in turn are being used clearly to entice those who don't smoke to the products. These new products centralize around adolescents. 

It is true that cigarettes are extremely addictive and adolescents these days are tempted to give them a try. Routledge is concerned that if adolescents try the electronic cigarettes they may then go on to regularly smoke ordinary cigarettes. That is why these electronic devices raise so much concern. He also stated how e-cigarettes are unregulated and untested. This means that the health risks involved are unknown and therefore the devices could potentially be dangerous, however Routledge feels that e-cigarettes are likely safer than ordinary cigarettes. Although they may be safer, he certainly does not advise them or support them in any way. He has made it clear that there are already products out there which have been regulated for those who want to quit smoking. These include products including nicotine gum and also the patch.

E-cigarettes were also a hot topic recently when four hundred tobacco control experts in Canada and also around the world got together in Ottawa for the Tobacco or Health debate at the National Conference. One concern which was expressed at this conference was the idea that the products are not at all regulated in the nation of Canada. Melodie Tilson of the Non Smokers' Rights Association mentioned how Canada's 'Wild West' approach simply just does not work. She claimed that Canada needs to be certain that electronic cigarette policy minimizes any risks by having proper manufacturing standards, accurate and clear labeling on products which tells the public about the health risks and also regulatory controls which are similar to those found on all tobacco products. There is currently no strong evidence whatsoever to prove the idea that e-cigarettes are actually an effective and efficient smoking aid. To add to this, the potential health risks on the long run are completely unknown. Tracy Fehr who is the tobacco reduction co-ordinator for the MLA, otherwise known as the Manitoba Lung Association conveyed how the fact that they are untested causes huge concern and there is no good enough evidence to support the idea they are a good nicotine replacement. She feels that they should be regulated just like all other tobacco products.

Both Fehr and Routledge are worried that e-cigarettes could lead to smoking being normalized again. This is dangerous around youths and can cause a whole new generation of health problems. It was estimated that around 15% of children aged between 13 and 17 in Canada have at least tried tobacco and from 2010 to the start of 2011, electronic cigarette usage had doubled in America. 

Electronic cigarette retailer odered to cease sales by Health Canada

by on 12/06/13

Cease and Desist image

CBC news have recently been informed that health Canada has issued both a cease and a desist letter to a well known electronic cigarette seller situated in Nova Scotia due to the violation of the Food And Drugs Act. Shai Connors is the women in charge who runs 'The End Vapor' store in the area of New Glasgow. She has been making profit from selling electronic cigarettes since August this year. These battery-operated gadgets actually deliver nicotine in the form of vapor. This is apparently much healthier than smoking according to proponents.

E-cigarettes are actually not approved by Health Canada. Due to this the federal agency has claimed that Connors' shop is therefore "not compliant" with Canada's Food And Drugs Act. In the letter to Eva Campbell and Connors, Health Canada highlighted that electronic smoking devices may pose risks which include causing addiction and nicotine poisoning. Connors replied by insisting that selling electronic cigarettes is not illegal as there are no laws which state that they can not be sold. It is true that E-cigarettes indeed are not illegal as they are not covered by Nova Scotia's ban on smoking. However Leo Glavine who is the provincial health minister promised to move very quickly to introduce regulations for these electronic devices. He believes that regulations could be introduced by Spring.

Mohammed Al-Hamdani who is the manager of 'Lung Association' and 'Health Initiatives' in Nova Scotia claims that the actual concept of vaping has become a concern. He feels that some people may not be able to even differentiate between electronic cigarettes and the real ones. This is a huge concern as children will likely not be able to notice any difference whatsoever. He also emphasizes that the alternative cigarettes should not be banned, however there should me a lot more regulations put in place.