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A huge selection of electronic cigarette cartridges at several price ranges can be found from our recommended Canadian ecigarette suppliers 

  • Empty Cartridges: refillable and reusable

  • Pre-filled Cartridges: equivalent to 40- 50 cigarettes (2 packs)

  • Nicotine Cartridges: 0.6mg- 2.4mg

  • Nicotine-free Cartridges: 0mg

  • Tobacco Flavored Cartridges: traditional and menthol, mild, medium strong and extra strong

  • Exotic Flavored cartridges: strawberry, banana, blueberry, chocolate, coffee, mint, pina colada, cherry, vanilla, apple, orange, Cinnamon  ... and more.
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This is one of the components that make up the electronic cigarette. Otherwise known as the cart, mouthpiece or filter, the cartridge is positioned at the very top of the ecig, followed by the atomizer that is situated at the middle thereafter followed by the battery, together with its LED light, at the very bottom. 

The ecig cartridge is rounded, whistle-shaped or tapered. The filter on a tobacco cigarette is the corresponding item to an electronic cigarette.  
A portion of the lint-type fabric that is absorbent is contained in the cartridge filler that is filled up with the e liquid or ejuice. The e liquid is slowly used up till the drying out of the cartridge filler if the ecig has been in use over a certain period of time. 

Another pre-filled cart replaces the cartridge can thereafter or the cartridge filler can be recycled by re-wetting using the e liquid; this can be done at home since the eliquid is purchasable in bottles from suppliers just for this. 

There are several flavours that one could choose from with regard to the electronic cigarette cartridges that are pre-filled. These pre-filled cartridges have nicotine concentrations that range from 0-18 mg and are normally available in multi-packs. 

Cartomizers in Canada can not contain nicotine according to a recent Health Canada ruling, therefore if you are hoping to purchase or are looking for electronic cigarettes in Canada and hope to find a cig-a-like that contains nicotine then you are out of luck.

There are several ecig suppliers that are reputable who make untrue statements that 20 tobacco cigarettes are comparable to a single cartridge. The truth is that an ecig cartridge’s lifetime (before any refilling or replacing is required) depends on how often it’s used and also the ecig model type contributes much to this fact.

 It is an obvious fact that using an ecig lightly means that fewer carts are used up so typically, a smoker who smokes 20 times a day should expect using about 3-5 cartridges daily. 

A fairly new member of the ecig family, the cartomizer combines the cartridge and the atomiser making them one. The cartomizer comes in small multi-packs that are pre-filled with the eliquid which has nicotine that varies in concentrations.

The cartomizers, just like the traditional pre-filled electronic cigarette cartridges, can be re-filled with the eliquid and be re-used even though some manufacturers make it known that you should do away with them once they are depleted forcing you to make an order for them once again instead of you filling them yourself.
e liquid must be present in all cartomizers or cartridges in order for them to produce the vapour that is inhaled; it doesn’t matter if the e cig has a fluid tank cartridge system or pre-filled cartomizers the fact remains that for vapor to be produced the cartridge must contain ejuice or eliquid

Cartomizers are sold with Varying strengths of nicotine  to suit one's individual requirements, also depending on the manufacturer most cartridges are equivalent to approximately 1 package of traditional cigarettes, however some of the cheaper ecartridge brands may only equate to about a half a pack, so it is wise to do comparison shopping

Carts are usually marketed asflavored cartomizers such as menthol, vanilla, cherry, coffee, chocolate, tobacco etc, etc... this is determined solely upon the flavour of ejuice within the Cartomizer.