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By browsing through the merchant websites that we have listed on our home page, Canadians can choose from a wide variety of electronic Shishas, you'll be sure to find the one that's perfect for you!

Prices start as low as $8.95 for a basic e-shisha right up to $99.95 for a deluxe rechargable model (all prices are quoted in Canadian currency)

Why use an eshisha? 

e-shisha has become one of the most popular ways of cutting down tobacco smoking or cutting it out altogether. On the other hand, it has become popular among non-tobacco smokers or those who occasionally enjoy using a traditional tobacco hookah in shisha bars. But to get the most out of your e-shisha smoking experience, it is important to understand how it works.

How to use an e-shisha

The e-shisha pen offers a nicer and more exciting smoking experience as compared to the conventional tobacco cigarettes. Instead of the harmful smoke associated with traditional smoking, there is only harmless vapour/dry ice.

An e-shisha pipe allows you to enjoy deeper, longer drags than cigarettes and even a real shisha. You can inhale for around 4 seconds and then give a slow, long exhale. While inhaling, you will feel the vapor hitting the back of your throat without any burning or coughing sensation. In fact, the smoking experience may make you feel quite cool.

The enjoyment and excitement of an eshisha lie in its flavor and quality of exhale. This is far better than tobacco smoking, that’s associated with quick, nervous and shallow drags. Moreover, the sensation of inhaling smoke is not a healthy and pleasant experience, even for an ardent smoker. Although the smoke may seem tolerable for regular tobacco smokers, you will only discover its nastiness if you take a break from them for a few days and use the e-Shisha.

The benefits of smoking an e-shisha over tobacco cigarettes

Vaping e-shisha comes with a lot of benefits as compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes which only poses several health risks to smokers. Here are some of the benefits of vaping;

  • There is no harmful smoke to be inhaled

  • Since there is no smoke, your hands, breath, clothes, house and car will be free from the horrible smell of smoke

  • It does not have 4000 odd chemicals responsible for inducing life threatening diseases, like lung cancer, respiratory problems, heart disease etc.

  • e-shisha is comparatively cheaper than tobacco cigarettes; For example, the average measure of one e-shisha is about 600 puffs, which is similar to around 60 cigarettes. In Canada, a brand new disposable shisha costs around $10.00 each while a pack of 20 cigarettes in Canada can cost you $10.00 or even more. From this, you can see that you will  save a lot by using the e-shisha

  • There are a wide variety of nice-tasting fruity or sweet flavours to choose from, with new ones being developed almost every day. 

  • If you prefer your own homemade flavours, you can create one by mixing different flavoured liquids

  • Unlike tobacco cigarettes that come with harmful smoke which can pose danger to the people around you, an electronic shisha is less anti-social. It has no passive smoking risk and even non-smokers can’t smell its vapor.

  • It can be used indoors and in public places, such as clubs, bars, restaurants and pubs. However, it is important to check if vaping is allowed in a given business premise before using it, especially on planes, at airports etc where they are often banned.

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Electronic Shishas

Pen Style Electronic Shisha $8.95 CDN
disposable electronic shisha $19.50 CDN
rechargeable electronic shisha $99.95 CDN
500 puff electronic shisha  $29.95 CDN
Blueberry flavored electronic shisha $19.95 CDN
Grape flavored electronic shisha $19.95 CDN
Orange flavored electronic shisha $19.95 CDN
Strawberry flavored electronic shisha $19.95 CDN
 Pen Style electronic shisha$8.95 CDN
Disposable electronic shisha $19.50 CDN
500 puff electronic shisha  $29.95 CDN
Rechargeable electronic shisha $99.95 CDN
Apple flavored electronic shisha $19.95 CDN
Blueberry flavored electronic shisha $19.95 CDN
Grape flavored electronic shisha $19.95 CDN
Orange flavored electronic shisha $19.95 CDN
Strawberry flavored electronic shisha $19.95 CDN