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With the new Health Canada regulations now permitting nicotine in electronic cigarettes more and more shops are popping up online on a daily basis, one such company is ePuffer International and although they have been around for more than a decade they were not operating a Canadian website until just recently when they launched their new Canadian site at www.ePuffer.ca.

In celebration of their launch the are extending a 10% discount by way of an epuffer Promo Coupon Code, it's simple to apply just enter code: 10PERCENT at the check-out page and you are all set, the 10% will be deducted immediately!
So save yourself the trouble of hunting around for a better promo code because you won't find one, Nah ah not gonna happen!

The folks over at ePuffer Canada have informed me that 10% is the only discount that they offer throughout the year, so if you think you'll have luck finding a bigger promo code online then go ahead and knock yourself but I can tell you that you'll be wasting your time and when you get frustrated trying all those bogus codes that promise a ridiculously large percentage but they NEVER work then come back here and use our ePuffer Canada Promo Code10PERCENT 
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